A Dhamma Park

An aerial view of lush green oasis in the heart of Bangkok. A Dhamma Park, meditation gardens and eco-friendly buildings covering 7 acres of land.







Ārya Tārā Maha Bodhisattava Sacred Cave







This Bodhi Tree or “Peepal tree” symbolic of wisdom and enlightenment in Buddhism, has survived the felling from paddy field almost 30 years ago, still standing tall amidst the green lawn.

Here and Now with arts of folding lotus flower

When breathing lead the mind and body to work as

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First Brick Layer for Dharmashram building

On September 3, 2016  Sathira-Dhammasathan

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2015 Pan African Youth Leadership Summit in Dakar, Senegal
Joel Kay, A Volunteer At Sathira Dhammasathan
SOS Seeds of Spirituality
Buddha Savika Ordination
Buddha Savika Ordination
The Serene Mind Project
Parenting School
Buddha Savika Ordination